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Kerri-Ann Venter


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Free Dreamer
My name is Kerri-Ann Venter. I have always been a little different seeing things a little differently. From a very young age I would disassemble perfectly working drawers, comb storm drains and destroy items regardless of value to create artworks. That was just junior school. I have a very loving, supportive and patient family (whom I love dearly).

Gavin Erwin got me to Joburg who took me under his wing for which I will be eternally grateful.

I love reading

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
All or any  Modern, Edgy, Street meets tree  I will work in any medium that comes to hand when I am creating such as: charcoal, chalk , pastel, acrylics, oils, spraypaint, bone.

I studied art in East London, studing graphic design in Bloemfontein. I have been inspired by Gavin Erwin

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