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Gavin Erwin


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Gavin Erwin
The Fish
Yellow Fin Fish
Four Koi
Silver Wilkinson
Orange Hot Spot
Fish Art/ Gavin Erwin
I started painting at a very early age due to the unrestricted and happy environment I was brought up in. Fish have always been an obsession of mine probably because of the many fishing trips I went on with my family as a child. As I grow older the obsession grows. Art has also been a passion of mine and ever since I can remember. As my art developed I couldn’t draw myself away from fish. I started to take it seriously as soon as I got out of school and 10 years down the line I’m a successful Fish Artist. I have created a unique style of painting due to many hours of painting and experimenting… as artists do. These days you will find me in my humble studio painting and loving every minute of it. My paintings are accurate and stylised at the same time. I paint in acrylic on canvas with a light varnish over it to enhance the natural shine of a fish and the richness in colours. My paintings come in all sizes, from 15-15cm to 3m-2m. Custom canvases can be made up to your preferences. Colours can also be suggested to fit in with your theme.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy


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