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Johan Manefeldt


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Cape Winelands
Ladies Bar
Cape River
Johan Manefeldt
Donkey cart
Cape mountains
Cape mountains 2
Cape scene
Cape scene 2
Landscape with cattle
Rural people
The villagers
South African artist Johan Manefeldt has been interested in painting all his life and has done so professionally since 1972. He has visited countries all over the world to satisfy his constant search for fresh visual inspiration. Many long hours are spent in his studio, where he turns a white canvas into a beautiful scene with space and atmosphere that compels us to see nature in a renewed and intense way. He has specialized in bright colourful landscapes and District Six buildings in oils and acrylics over the past twelve years. He has developed a keen interest in painting pictures with an emphasis on light and shadow with scenes of the Cape Winelands.
Johan is represented by some of the leading art galleries, where his art works have been recommended as of excellent caliber and popular demand. He has achieved much in his life as a full-time artist, but looks forward to an even higher future in art.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
Johan works in acrylic paint on canvas, and has become known for his versatility in depicting wildlife, colourful landscapes and Bokaap buildings. His paintings capture the simple essence of nature without losing any of its subtle nuances. His colours are both vibrant and delicate,  often radiating light, as in the Cape mountains which he paints so successfully now, with light catching their tips.

Johan lived in America for 2 years where he exhibited his artwork and won 3 art awards. Apart from that he also won several other awards. He is also known as a popular artist and successful seller when he exhibits.

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