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Ernest Azwihankwisi


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Majiya Ernest Azwihankwisi
The Golfer
For the love of the game
The family
Ernest is a creative multi-talented artist. When he is not painting, acting or writing dramas, he is a keen marathon runner. He has been a part-time student at the Art Foundation, a prestigious Johannesburg based art school founded by the late Bill Ainslie. Ernest has a particular talent for colour and design which is evident in all his works which include still life, portraits, landscapes, birds, etc.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
Nature and people inspires him all the time.  He looks at art from a non acedemic point of view and enjoys experimenting using commercially produced materials such as bread packaging and newspaper cut-outs. His art can't be classified under traditional styles as his approach comes from the soal, often visually expressing what he thinks.

Group exhibition - Johannesburg Art Foundation.

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