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Michael Anthony Carr


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Michael Anthony Carr
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Artists under the Sun, Zoo Lake, Joburg
Michael was born in Johannesburg and attended the Marist Brothers School in Observatory.

Mainly self taught he honed his style by traveling the world and embracing different cultures, artistic techniques and innovative artistic ideas. He gathered experience by going to London, Australia, Brazil, Holland and St Petersburg Russia. While abroad in 1986 he visited “the Armitage” where he decided to embark on a new direction in his artistic endeavor.

He studied in Cape Town under Trevor Goss, a graduate of Michaelis, who held a position in the art department at the University of Cape Town. Trevor’s wife Tessa Silverman also guided his career at the time.

In 1978 Michael exhibited at the Lister Gallery in Johannesburg. His art was on display with that of such illustrious artists as Irma Stern and Pierneef.

He was introduced to the Everard Read Gallery in 2002 by Mark Goldberg, a nephew of Helen Suzman, and remains on their database to this day.

Many years ago Michael made the decision to withdraw from exhibiting in galleries as he wanted to share his art with the general public. It was his intention to enable more people to be able to purchase original art at an affordable price thus enabling more people to have a valuable investment opportunity and the possibility to give future generations this gift.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
Michael paints mainly LARGE abstract land- and seascapes. His style of painting can be classified as modern impressionism. In South Africa we have the weather and areas where art could be displayed in the outdoors, says Michael who supports the idea of exhibiting outside.  There is a movement towards incorporating art, particularly in the form of sculptures, into a park setting. Why ‘clutter’ art in stuffy museums?

He was one of the artists who were part of the original “Artists Under the Sun” group in Joubert Park in central Johannesburg.

He is still associated with this group and exhibits with them on the first weekend of every month at their present venue of Zoo Lake.

In fact his association with Artists Under The Sun has spanned over 18 years although he was not an exhibitor for a period of 6 years.

Recently Michael has also exhibited his work in the park opposite the Blu Bird shopping centre. Although this a recent venture it has resulted in sales to a former mayor of Johannesburg, many senior businessmen, various other art lovers and has resulted in Michael being commissioned to paint two paintings for a 5 Star boutique hotel on an island off the coast of Mozambique. The latter commission could lead to the prospect of him producing more artwork for this hotel.

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