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Malaki Ndlovu


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Malaki Ndlovu
Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe
Time to work
Cheetah family
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Daily life in rural Zimbabwe
Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe
Going for a better deal
Malaki Ndlovu was born in Zimbabwe. He discovered his talent for art in 1983 while doing his first year at Mzilikazi High School. During that time he met famous artists like Stephen Williams, Vote Thebe, Velias Ndabaof (from Botswana), Marion Hartland-Rowe (Botswana), Veryan Edwards (Botswana), Charles Msinanga (from Zimbabwe) and David Ndlovu. David introduced him to the Mzilikazi Art & Craft Centre.
As a young man he grew up in a rural part of Zimbabwe, he loved the daily country life activities, the African scenery and animals. He decided to dedicate his life to the outdoors; Matopo Hills, Victoria Falls, Botswana, drawing elephant, giraffe, gemsbuck and the Okovango Delta.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
Malaki enjoys painting wildlife, landscapes and making Political statements through his art. He is also a tradional realist. I create from what I see during day to day life, I do portraits of sad faces in the streets, often ugly faces, and change them to suit myself. My source of inspiration comes from what I see, sound, movement and life.

He participated in several group-, as well as solo exhibitions.

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