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Brian Scott Dawkins


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Brian Scott Dawkins
Charging Elelphant
Wild Dog
Leopard in the Tree
Lion Pride
Lion at Dusk
Wildlife Montage
Painting at US Stock exchange
Brian was born in Vereeniging in 1949. He attended high school at Dale College, King Williams Town – matriculating in 1966 with Art as a subject and was awarded two Art Prizes at High School.
After 13 years in the Textile printing field (1968-1981), he decided to switch to professional oil painting in 1981, having moved back to Vereeniging, Brian had his first successful one man exhibition in Vereeniging in 1982, he then joined “Artists Under the Sun” since moving to Johannesburg in 1985.
Being largely self-taught and developing specifically a decorative wildlife style, which was very well received worldwide and for many years, he was able to make a reasonable living, doing what he loves.
The wildlife pieces are a crisp clean pastel coloured landscape with African wild animals done in accurate meticulous detail, which have enjoyed popularity for the last 30 years, throughout the world.
Due to market forces and a slow down in sales in the USA since 9/11, and the fact that his wildlife style has taken a toll because of its tedious attention to detail, Brian has recently begun painting abstracts which have rekindled his creative energies – making it possible to increase production of Artworks, to cater for the more modern trends (colorful and affordable), which has begun to attract interest from art lovers, as well as being a refreshing change for the artist, at the age of 66.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
Animals Bushveld  Animal wildlife “I am looking forward to this new direction, which will hopefully provide what artists create for – a chance to make the world a more enjoyable place for its inhabitants” Brian says.

GOLDFIELDS LISTING CEREMONY on the New York Stock exchange 9th May 2002 with the presence of Nelson Mandela.

Lion King painting by Artist Brian Scott-Dawkins is displayed at Goldfields, S.A.Exchange.

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