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Cheryl Lockwood


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Cheryl at Zoo Lake
Cheryl Lockwood
Worker under a tree
Village Houses
Village street
Sunset village
I was born in Johannesburg and have lived most of my life here. I have a passion for art but through life circumstances,

I worked in the corporate world until 2003. However I did pottery and ceramic painting part time during these years.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
People and places in South African My oil paintings convey a narrative that depicts the characters and charm of the people and places here in South Africa.  I have a passion for art but through life circumstances.

I painted under the guidance of Hazel Thompson from 2003 until her passing. I am fortunate enough to have Ian Hertslet as my current mentor. I exhibit my paintings at various Art galleries and at Artists Under the Sun and Art in the Garden at Botanic Gardens.

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