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Ramarutha Makoba


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Ramarutha Makoba
Donkey cart
Carrying water
The truck
Child playing with a tyre
Water containers on a wheelbarrow
Ramarutha Makoba was born in Soweto in 1984 and brought up in Diepkloof. His talent surfaced from an early age – he loved watching cartoons and used to draw his favourites such as Ninja Turtles and Tom and Jerry. He used to show them to his grandmother who was the person to encourage him to take his art seriously. His father also exposed him to art by enjoying it as a hobby. Ramarutha would constantly irritate his teachers at school by drawing in class and often drew after school to avoid punishment! When he was 13 he attended art classes at a local community centre where Chris Molefe had a comfound influence on his work. He later attended workshops at The Johannesburg Art Gallery as well as completing a two year course at Fuba (Federated Union of Black Artists). He joined the Artist Proof Studio in 2004 and received certificates of excellence in his first and second years and was selected to further his printmaking: he completed the 3rd year professional programme in 2007. Ramarutha also spent a lot of time in Polokwane (Limpopo Province) where he portrayed images from the region.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
He is a traditional realist with a unique, fresh and individual approach to his art. Apart from painting and drawing he also does screen printing and etching. Most of his works are images from Polokwane and Johannesburg, portraying everyday people and children in everyday surroundings. Even animals in local surroundings are seen in many of his artworks. “Images bring me closer to understanding my world. I constantly observe people and their relationships to each other. My work deals with social ignorance and the hardships of people with few resources.”

2003 – Little Artists Schools Project. Certificate of Excellence awarded by the late Dulcie Robinson, sponsored by Goldfields.

2004 – Second Prize (R8000.00). Certificate of Achievement, awarded by Deutche Bank.

2005 – Advanced Portfolio Development Certificate. Awarded by Artist Proof Studio.

2006 – Runner up in Webber Wentzel Bowens Young Artist’s Competition.

2006 – Certificate of Excellence for completion of Advanced Printmaking Programme.

2007 – Certificate of Competence – Professional Development Programme

2007 – Tracker Certificate of Patronage

2008 – Award for Excellence in Teaching – Little Artists Schools Project – Awarded by the late Dulcie Robinson FWSSA (Director).

2009 – 6th Black Like Us Art Exhibition 2009. Award for Artwork: “Walking Away”.

Sasol Art Awards in 2005, 2007, 2008 and Johannesburg Art Gallery as well as Pretoria Art Museum, amongst other.

Ramarutha has exhibited extensively in group exhibitions at Gallery on the Square, The Thompson Gallery and The Artist Proof Studio. Also a major solo exhibition at The Thompson Gallery in 2012.

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