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Francois Jooste


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Francois Jooste
Arum Lilies
The Chef
Still life with Oranges
Male nude
Old car on a farm
Still life with Strawberries
Male Nude 2
Old Boots
Violin Boy player
Donkey Cart with children
Wine tasters
Color Roses
Born in 1967 in Delmas (Mpumalanga), Francois Jooste had no formal training but showed an early talent for drawing and painting. He grew up in Mpumalanga and moved to Pretoria in 1988 where he currently lives on his own. He was inspired by French Impressionist Monet as well as Munro and Nic van Rensburg from South Africa, he believes that it is a God given talent. He sold his first painting in 2006 and many more after that.

Subject Matter, Style, Philosophy
He paints only in Oils and his subject matter varies widely ranging from Landscapes, Seascapes, Wildlife, Figure Studies, Flower Studies, Still Life and Steam Engines. The sizes of his paintings vary from Small to Large. Francois is completely self taught. His style focuses mainly on traditional realism but he also enjoys experimenting with other techniques and subject matter. 

Since September 2008, he has held annual solo-exhibitions and he won an art competition in 2001 with his first painting ever.

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